About Becky

Becky has been studying and practicing body work for the last 8 years, is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Shiatsu and member of the UK Shiatsu Society.

Becky’s journey into bodywork first started by attending the Womens’s tantra workshops held by Shakti Tantra and the individuals training programme run by Skydancing UK.

These workshops led to a real understanding of how our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are all reflected in the body. “Our bodies tell the story of our lives with each experience leaving some kind of imprint”. This can leave us with physical discomfort, disease or conditions such as depression and anxiety. Working with the body is a great way to release these imprints leaving us feeling more rested, energised and able to get on with our lives.

Knowing that she wanted to do some form of bodywork becky was drawn to the Shiatsu diploma course because it’s 3year training gives such a strong grounding in Western anatomy and physiology as well as the Traditional Chinese medicine view of health and ‘dis-ease’. Significant time is spent both on understanding the client and their lives (exploring what past or present experiences are giving rise to their problems) and with techniques for treatment.

Becky is fully insured with Balens Insurance

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