Spring and the Wood Element

Shiatsu is based upon traditional Chinese medicine and the Tao. These philosophies describe life according to the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of these elements represents a season in the year.

The arrival of spring heralds a big shift in both the natural world and ourselves. From the dormant, resting time of winter, we like the natural world, once again become active. Its time to turn our dreams and ideas into reality.
The attributes of the Wood element are reflected in the natural world. At the end of winter you can see the buds forming on the trees, waiting until the air is warm enough and the days long enough, when they can bust into life. New shoots that one day are just showing above the soil suddenly grow upwards and outwards taking shape for the coming year.
For us too, its time to wake up, stretch our limbs, choose a direction and go for it. So what are the practical things can you do?

  1. This is a great time to start new projects or even a whole new business. Your ideas are set, your plans drawn up, now put them into action.
  2. Its also time to get physically active. In our bodies the Wood element governs muscles, these are the power houses of our actions. So, now is time to join the gym or take up new sports and exercises – rather than straight after Christmas when we are still in hibernation phases.
  3. Our diets can change too, as the days get warmer we move from rich warming dinners to lighter foods, particularly good are green leafy vegetables like spinach and purple sprouting broccoli or kale.

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